What are the benefits of using the detachable towbars?

Detachable towbars are commonly used in the market because of the ease of using them during the process and removing them afterward when they are not required to be used. Their use is more common for the vehicles, which do not have an appropriate space behind the bumper of the car for hiding the towbar. Therefore, they can be attached with the vehicle for the purpose of performing the towing and can be removed afterward resulting in the convenience of the towing process as well as preserving the overall look of the vehicle recovery service. There are two different types of detachable towbars available in the market that include vertical and diagonal detachable towbars. Therefore, either of the towbars can be used depending upon requirements and ease of use as per the condition of the vehicle for which towing has to be performed. There are various benefits of using these kinds of towbars, which have been discussed in subsequent sections.

Features of the towbars

These towbars have various features, which provide high-quality results during the towing process without adding any complication. One of the major benefits is that they are completely detectable after the use due to which they do not have to be kept behind the bumper or in the display, which is the case for fixed or retractable towbars. It is also highly convenient to reach the sleeve of the towbar during the process of towing resulting in significant ease during the overall process. Similarly, the ball of the towbar can also be easily placed in perfect position as per the requirements, which is a major benefit as compared to other types of towbars where it can be significantly difficult to position the ball. They are also of appropriate size due to which they can be kept in the storage of the vehicle and used in the case required. 

Safety and convenience of use

Detachable towbars significantly reduce the overall complexity of the process of towing because of their suitable design as per the requirements of vehicles. In most cases, the ergonomic dial is also available in these types of towbars, which make it convenient to attach and detach them resulting in overall ease of the process. The maintenance requirements for detachable towbars are also significantly low as compared to other types due to which users can easily use them without having to worry about their maintenance. 

The strength of detachable towbars is also significantly high and comparable with those of fixed towbars due to which they ensure the safety of the towing process. However, we recommend using a high-quality towbar because low-quality towbars can also result in damage to the vehicle in the case they are not suitable due to different reasons. The maximum pull weight and taxation of the towbars should be appropriate for the vehicle for which towing has to be performed because otherwise the safety would be jeopardized. The locking process in these types of towbars is also visible due to which users can easily ensure the overall strength and appropriateness of the connection before performing the towing process. Similarly, an audible criterion can also be applied for the purpose of ensuring that a suitable connection has been made for ensuring overall safety.