What are the common car transmission issues that result in requiring roadside towing services?

There are a number of different car transmission issues that eventually lead to major issues with vehicles requiring customers to hire roadside towing assistance. Therefore, it is recommended that when common car transmission issues are detected by users then immediate action should be taken in order to remedy the problem and avoid the need to hire towing services for car breakdown at later stages. Some of the common car transmission issues that are usually faced by people include:

Fluid leaking

It is one of the common signs of determining in case there is a transmission issue with the vehicle. Usually when there is an issue in the transmission system of the car then stains of transmission fluid of the car will be detected under the car, which will indicate the problem. In most cases, the stains of the transmission fluid that are present underneath the car are red or green in color, therefore, it becomes convenient for users to determine if there is a serious car transmission issue that can lead to other problems at later stages.

Clunking sounds

It is another common issue that is usually faced by people that when they try to change the gears of the car then a clunking sound is heard. The clunking sound emanating from the car on changing the gears usually indicates problems with the transmission system of the car. Therefore, when such issues are detected then the customer should acquire the services of the mechanic because it will lead to major problems at later stages.

Burning smell

A burning smell usually originates from the transmission system of the car due to the overheating of the oil that is present inside the transmission box in the transmission system. This smell is an indication of serious issues with the transmission system of the car and in case immediate action is not taken by users then it will lead to severe damages at later stages. A car suffering from such issues should not be taken on long travels because it will result in car breakdown leading to requiring roadside assistance or towing services.

Gear grinding

The car transmission issues are usually different in automatic and manual cars. In the case of automatic cars, a sound is heard from when changing the gear in case there is an issue with an oscillation system. However, on the other hand, in the case of manual cars, the sound resembling whining and grinding of the gears is heard during the operation. When such a sound is heard during the operation then it is indicated of problems in the transmission system of the car and the help of mechanic will be required in order to keep the car from suffering major issues later stages.

Neutral position noises

Another common issue that occurs due to issues in the transmission system of the car is a bumping noise during the neutral position. The bumping sound may be heard from the transmission system owing to low levels of transmission oil. Therefore, in order to avoid issues, users should check the car with the mechanic and acquire services that will keep the car from breaking down on long-distance travel.